Administration College

he “Admin” College is comprised of faculty and residents with an interest in day-to-day operations and improvement of one of the busiest and largest Emergency Departments in the country.  We aim to improve the quality of care we deliver along with the patient experience during their visit.  Projects involve updating evidence based guidelines, interdepartmental collaboration to improve patient flow and experience, and striving to address departmental issues with new and innovative solutions.  Through mentorship and collaboration, the Admin College aims to create the future leaders and problem solvers of Emergency Medicine.


Specific goals:
1.     Provide an avenue for administrative scholarship including:
     ·      Presentations at regional and national meetings
     ·      Publication of peer-reviewed medical literature
     ·      Experience developing and maintaining clinical protocols
2.     Refine resident leadership and managerial skills and provide exposure to the experience of what does into running and maintaining an emergency department.
3.     Encourage collaboration among faculty mentors and residents with an interest in administration.
4.     Prepare members with the tools necessary for a satisfying and productive career in administrative Emergency Medicine


Selected College Projects:

  • Ceftriaxone as an IV Push vs. IV Piggy-Back

  • Patient satisfaction initiatives, specifically developing tools to evaluate non-English speaking patient satisfaction surveys

  • Implementation of hospital wide software for better identification and treatment adherence for patients with sepsis

  • Internal HEART Score Validation regarding MACE in CCH patient population


Selected Research or Scholarly Presentations:

  • Guerrero P, Thomas, N, Brown C, Christian E, Rizvanolli L, Gonzalez R, Ramirez H, Kneblova V.  A Comparison of Patients’ Experience in an Urban Emergent Department Between Spanish and English Speaking Patients.  National Hispanic Medical Association Annual Conference (NHMA) 2017, Washington DC.

  • Moore PQ, Christian E, Hardwick J, Kysia R.  Effect of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion on psychiatric boarding times in the emergency department.   American College of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly (ACEP17) 2017, Washington DC.  

  • Ramsey Z, Palter JS, Hardwick J, Moskoff J, Christian EL, Bailitz J.  Decreased Nursing Staffing Adversely Affects Emergency Department Throughput Metrics.  West J Emerg Med.  2018 May;19(3):496-500.

  • Roy C, Aceves J, Moore PQ, Palter JS.  Interactions with Immigration Officers in the Emergency Department: A Needs Assessment.  American College of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly (ACEP18) 2018, San Diego, CA.


Faculty Leaders: Jordan Moskoff MD, Joseph Palter, MD

Faculty members: Austen Chai MD, Pilar Guerrero MD, Rashid Kysia MD, Trevor Lewis MD, Lisa Palivos MD, Jeffrey Schaider MD, Lauren Smith MD

Resident Leader: Sonali Gandhi MD