Salary 2018-19

PGY-1  $53,129

PGY-2  $56,096

PGY-3  $58,832

PGY-4  $61,755

Resident Benefits

Fiscal benefits

Each academic year, residents recieve a stipend for educational materials that can be used for academic expenditures ranging from a computer to academic memberships (ACEP, EMRA, etc) to question banks or books to help with Step-3 or the annual in-training exam for emergency medicine residents. The education fund stipend is $1100 per academic year.

Additionally, residents receive $19.00 a day in the cafeteria to spend on meals and snacks.


In the PGY-2 and PGY-4 years, the entire residency class will be sent to a leading national emergency medicine conference. We allow our PGY-2s to select the conference they think will benefit them the most as a class. In 2019, the PGY-2 residents will be going to Essentials of Emergency Medicine in Las Vegas, NV. In the PGY-4 year, you will go to the ACEP scientific assembly. The conference costs are covered. For additional conferences that you have research to present or are participating in SIMWars, SonoGames, or similar events, the department has set aside money to assist sending residents to represent Cook County EM. Annual costs for the Illinois College of Emergency Medicine (ICEP) Spring Symposium are also supplemented by the department.


Each academic year you request two two-week blocks for paid vacation. For blocks in the emergency department at Cook County you may request certain days to have off.

Cook county Wellness

Each year all 68 residents get off the same 36 hours in September for a residency retreat at a resort. This consists of a morning with faculty members to discuss wellness and the residency program followed by an afternoon and evening of rest, relaxation, and fun.

When starting the program you get two pairs of monogrammed scrubs, a Cook County EM polo, two monogrammed Emergency Department white coats, four hospital white coats, four pairs of additional scrubs, and a monogrammed jacket.

Health Insurance

Cook County offers health insurance to all of its employees. Your first year you get an HMO Plan for health, dental, and vision insurance. Come second year you may keep that plan or change to a PPO.