Emergency Medicine Colleges


Beginning in the 2011-2012 academic year, the CCH EM residency program developed and implemented our Emergency Medicine Colleges.  The Colleges are designed to enhance collaboration between residents and faculty, encourage positive inquiry, and increase scholarly productivity.  Mentorship from experienced faculty and fellows in the different Colleges provide residents with exposure and scholarly depth in specialized fields within emergency medicine, including Administration, Education, EMS, Simulation, Toxicology, and Ultrasound.  Residents explore the various Colleges during their EM-1 year and join a specific one in their EM-2 year.  During College meetings, residents learn how to engage, debate, and take chances with study ideas that eventually become abstracts at national meetings and manuscripts in high impact journals.  In just a few short years, our College program has already benefitted our residents, our faculty, our department, and our patients

For any inquiries about the CCH EM College Program, please contact Dr. Mark B. Mycyk (mmycyk@cookcountyhhs.org).