EMS/Disaster College

The objective of the EMS College is to provide a more in depth exposure to prehospital medicine and disaster preparedness beyond what residents receive during their PGY-2 EMS Rotation, especially for those residents considering a fellowship in EMS medicine.  Our College pairs residents with core faculty that include a subspecialty board certified EMS medical director for the Chicago EMS System and a Director of Disaster Preparedness for one of the largest county based health systems in the country.  Our adjunct faculty include the medical director of IMERT (Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team, the largest state sponsored volunteer mobile disaster response team in the U.S.) and a Trauma Surgeon/Medical Director for the Cook County SWAT team. 


Specific Goals:

1. Provide an opportunity for residents to have a role in medical oversight for a large urban EMS System including:
· EMS protocol development
· EMS provider education
· EMS continuous quality improvement
· Field experience as EMS physician
2. Engage residents in disaster preparedness and large event medicine activities including:
· Planning and participation in large scale disaster drills.
· Event medicine planning and on site medical care for concerts and sporting events
· Disaster response drills and scene responses throughout the state of Illinois. 
3. Involve residents in Tactical EMS provider education and training. 
4. Provider an avenue for resident led academic scholarship on EMS and disaster related projects.


Selected College Projects:

  • Intranasal Glucagon for prehospital hypoglycemia

  • Derivation of a novel approach for treatment of acute frostbite

  • Study off-gassing of simulated nerve agent exposure in the pre-hospital environment


Selected Presentations and Scholarly Projects:

  • Tataris KL, Richards CT, Stein-Spencer L, Ryan S, Lazzarra P, Weber JM. “EMS Provider Perceptions on Termination of Resuscitation in a Large Urban EMS System.” Prehospital Emergency Care. 2017 Epub May.

  • Weber JM, Tataris KL, Hoffman J, Aks S, Mycyk M. “Can Nebulized Naloxone Be Used Safely and Effectively by Emergency Medical Services for Suspected Opioid Intoxication?” Prehospital Emergency Care. 2012. April/June. 16:289-292.

  • Feldman RJ. “Chemical Agent Simulant release from clothing following vapor exposure.” Academic Emergency Medicine. 2010 Feb. 17(2) 221-224.

  • Lee MS, Heilicser B. “Oral Health Professionals within state sponsored medical response teams: The IMERT perspective.” Dental Clinics of North America. 2007. Oct 51(4) 879-94.


Faculty Leader: Joseph Weber MD

Faculty members: Robert Feldman MD, Moses Lee MD

Resident Leaders: Amber Fiutko MD