Simulation College

The Simulation College serves as a pillar in both medical education and patient care improvement for emergency medicine residents and Cook County Hospital. Faculty and residents share an interest in the design of medical simulation. Residents have the opportunity to improve clinical skills in their active participation of simulated case learning. They may also serve as educators through the design of simulated cases. Simulation is used for a wide variety of interdepartmental and hospital wide projects to improve the quality of care at Cook County Hospital. 

Specific goals:
1. Monthly simulation case conferences:
     a. Providing residents opportunities to improve and apply medical knowledge in high acuity cased based learning. 
     b. Create settings for residents to enhance communication skills and procedural skills. 
2. Offer residents opportunities to create case-based curriculum and develop their roles as teachers. 
3. Provide a venue for interdepartmental collaboration and improvement of patient care. 


Selected College Projects:
● EM Residency Simulations
     ○ Developing and implementing a thorough curriculum for EM residents of various stages, running monthly sessions while incorporating the core competencies and EM Milestones into the evaluation process.
● Medical Students as Quality Observers During Emergency Resuscitation
     ○ Training medical students to competently assess quality measures of ACLS with the purpose of improving cardiac and respiratory arrest resuscitations at Cook County Hospital. 
● “Choose Your Own Adventure" Simulation Video Project
     ○ An interactive POV video simulation course with users making real time decisions in emergency medicine scenarios
     ○ Training users on critical actions for resuscitative cases, and pre and post testing assessing tool’s utility
● "In Situ Simulation Teaching in Urban County ED"
     ○ 15 minute courses for in situ sim training during ED shifts
     ○ Curriculum and case/workshop library development


Selected Research or Scholarly Presentations:
● Tauber DT, Flood CT, Mahal V, Christian E, Sergel MJ. Validation of Medical Students as Quality Observers During Emergency Resuscitation Events. Society of Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) Annual Conference 2016. New Orleans, LA.
● Hock S. “Development and Assessment of a Simulation Model of Focused and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluations” Society of Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) Annual Conference Simulation Academy Fellows Forum 2016. New Orleans, LA.
● Paddock MT, Bailitz J, Horowitz R, Khishfe B, Cosby K, Sergel MJ. Disaster Response Team FAST Skills Training with a Portable Ultrasound Simulator Compared ot Traditional Training: Pilot Study. West J Emerg Med 2015. 16(2):325-30.


Faculty Leader: Michelle Sergel MD

Faculty members: Patrick Hoffman MD, Shari Schabowski MD

Fellows: Oyin Okubanjo MD, Ken Wang MD

Resident Leaders: Mwiche Sinyinza MD, Tim Richardson MD, Ashlea Winfield MD