Toxicology College

The main goal of the Toxicology College is to provide additional exposure to the broad field of toxicology.  Different topics will be explored at each meeting through various activities including reading current news articles or scientific abstracts, engaging in interactive group games (eg. medicinal garden tour, smell and taste stations, tox charades), and other exercises.  Most importantly, we seek to develop residents’ analytical and critical thinking skills and to increase resident scholarship by pairing residents with faculty on special projects individually tailored to the resident's interests and abilities.  Resident College leaders plan and lead meetings. A desire to pursue toxicology fellowship is not a requirement to participate in this college.


Specific goals:
1.   Bring high quality activities to each meeting which are interesting and engaging
2.   Guide residents through all the stages of a research project or publication, leading to:
     · Presentations at regional and national meetings (e.g. abstracts, posters, oral presentations)
     · Publication of peer-reviewed medical literature (e.g. journal articles)
3. Identify and develop interest in those residents who may be interested in fellowship training
4. Form working mentorship relationships between residents and faculty to help residents build their CVs toward their career goals

Selected College Projects:

  • Take-home naloxone education and distribution

  • Development of ED Opioid Treatment Guidelines


Selected Research or Scholarly Presentations:

  • Weeks MA, Clark E, Mycyk MB. Characteristics of heroin-dependent patients seeking asthma care in the ED. Am J Emerg Med. 2016. 34(5): 895-8.

  • Bryant SM, Welker KL, Khattar N. Treatment of Benzodiazpine Dependence. New England Journal of Medicine;376:2357-2358, 2017.

  • Giblin E, Zell-Kanter M. Drug Eruptions in Sherman SC, Cico SK, Nordquist E, et al (eds): Atlas of Clinical Emergency Medicine. Wolters Kluwer, 2016

  • McCabe DJ, Lu JJ. The association of hemodialysis and survival in intubated salicylate-poisoned patients. Am J Emerg Med. 2017 Jun;35(6):899-903

Toxikon Consortium 

Poison Review Podcast


Faculty Leader: Jenny Lu MD

Faculty members: Steven Aks DO, Sean Bryant MD, Mark Mycyk MD, Michele Kanter PharmD, Joanne Routsolias PharmD

Resident Leader: Lotiffa Colibao MD